TOP 10 things to see in Wrocław 

widok na ratusz nocą

Rynek (the Market Square) 

If you are looking for a place that is bustling and vibrant at any time of day or night, you’ve found it! The four-hectare square offers unique monuments of gothic and renaissance architecture, including the cloth hall, the town hall with its 66-metre tower and the Museum of Bourgeois Art inside the main building, as well as a copy of the medieval whipping post. Nearby, there is the Witches’ Bridge (also known as the Penitential Bridge) connecting two towers of St. Mary Magdalene Cathedral. You only have to take 247 steps up to admire the amazing panorama of Wrocław.

widok na Ostrow Tumski

Ostrów Tumski (Cathedral Island) 

In the oldest part of Wrocław, monuments of unique architectural value can be found including the Gothic Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, rebuilt after WWII, with its silver altar funded by Archbishop Andreas Jerian and the Collegiate Church of the Holy Cross and St. Bartholomew. While there, one may also visit the Archdiocese Museum which holds the famous Book of Henryków of the 13th-14th century with the first ever written sentence in Polish.

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Four Denominations District

A part of the Old Town with four temples of four different confessions located in close proximity: an Orthodox church, a Roman Catholic church, a Lutheran church and a synagogue. If you choose one of the selected tourist routes – cultural or historical one – you may also enjoy many galleries, cafes and music clubs.

panorama raclawicka

Panorama of the Battle of Racławice 

The huge painting of 15 x 114 metres was painted by a team of artists led by Jan Styka and Wojciech Kossak to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Kościuszko Uprising. It presents the battle of Racławice of 4 April 1794. The cycloramic painting is displayed in a rotunda built specifically for this purpose. 

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widok z lotu ptaka

Centennial Hall and Szczytnicki Park 

A masterpiece of the world’s architecture of the 20th century was listed as the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2006. This modernist sports and entertainment hall was designed by the outstanding architect Max Berg in 1911 – 1913. In its proximity, you will find the Four Domes Pavilion designed by Hans Poelzig (formerly the seat of Feature Film Company, now displaying one of Poland’s richest collection of Polish modern art), as well as the Arbour with the Multimedia Fountain, beautifully maintained Szczytnicki Park and Japanese Garden. 

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instalacja rekin w ławicy ryb


This unique interactive museum of water in Wrocław, winner of multiple awards, combines the educative value with the world-class level of exposition art. The exposition is located in a 19th-century neo-Gothic underground clean water container. A place to enjoy for everybody, regardless of age! It is located near Polinka cableway which goes above the Oder to join campuses of the Wrocław University of Technology and which provides a beautiful panorama of Wrocław. 

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krokodyl w wodzie

Zoo in Wrocław

One of the oldest and one of the biggest in Poland, the zoo of 33 hectares is known not only for exotic animals, but also historic buildings (e.g. the bear dungeon, elephant hall, ape pavilion). The zoo’s Afrykarium has gained great popularity – a complex of buildings with an oceanarium, presenting African ecosystems. 

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wystawa lada lat ubieglych

Zajezdnia History Centre

The museum, launched in 2016, holds expositions concerning mainly the history of Lower Silesia and Wrocław after 1945. It is located in the terminal station building of the 19th century Städtische Straßenbahn Breslau (Wrocław Municipal Tramways) at ul. Grabiszyńska 184 (former Gräbschener Straße), where the region’s first Inter-Plant Strike Committee was established on 26 August 1980.  

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Museum of Illusions

For those who search for magic, Wrocław has an unusual offer – Museum of Illusions. On Piasek Island, magic is intertwined with science and art and the unique interactive experience will take you into the amazing world of illusions. 

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Politek krasnal

Wrocław Dwarfs route

For those who just want to wander in Wrocław, we recommend sightseeing with Wrocław dwarfs. Take the challenge to find over 360 members of this “smaller” community… or at least a couple of them…   

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pomnik zwierzat rzeznich

Old Shambles in Wrocław

The Shambles is a street in the Old Town, joining ul. Odrzańska and ul. Kiełbaśnicza. From 13th century for centuries it was a place where slaughterhouses and meat shops operated. Today, it is full of small shops and galleries and it has a monument “In honour of Animals for Slaughter”.

wnętrze muzeum narodowego we wroclawiu

National Museum in Wrocław  

The museum’s collection includes over 200,000 objects which represent all arts. The artefacts originate mainly from Lower Silesia.   

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